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Amanda has been teaching Spanish in Seattle since 2008. She has lived and taught in Mexico and Spain, traveled extensively to numerous Spanish speaking countries and has incorporated her experiences into the curriculum she has developed and that is used at Vámonos Spanish Center. She has developed a unique program that combines culture and grammar in a way that makes learning Spanish fun and engaging.


She loves salsa dancing, going on adventures with her side-kick, Lola, traveling to foreign countries and walking farmers markets.


Vámonos Makes Learning Spanish Fun! 


VSC is a specialty Spanish immersion language school for Adults, based in Seattle, WA. VSC is dedicated to making learning Spanish fun and easy. VSC also offers many other services like tutoring, workshops and guided travel. We specialize in using the fastest method for becoming bilingual: immersion! Traditional textbook methods and English instruction will not be used. The best way to learn a language is to be immersed, which is what you will experience here at VSC. Most language learners want to SPEAK a language before they can do anything else, because communication is key. We will build vocabulary and verb conjugation in order to make that happen.


So...if you want to learn Spanish, VSC is the place to be! What are you waiting for?


Courses are taught in 11-week sessions, and meet for 90 minutes a week. The immersion method, which is the way we naturally learn language from our parents, will feel a little overwhelming at first, as no English is used. However, embrace it! Try to relax, and don't expect to understand every word. You will be using VSC's exclusive curriculum, created by owner, Amanda Reichert. Each course will come with a packet, which includes material for the entire course. During each course, students "travel" to a Spanish-speaking region, learning vocabulary, dialect and cultural components of that region. In each lesson, we have an "outing" in that country- Vamos al banco, vamos al supermercado, etc. so that the content feels practical and as if you were in that country, going to the bank or a supermarket.





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A little more about VSC...



Meet Lola, a three year old havanese...yes, she does in fact know Spanish! She will be in your class as my helper :) she loves to say hi to everyone, sit on laps, and nap while we are practicing...


She is hypo-allergenic, so for those with allergies (unless otherwise severe), you won't have any issues! 





VSC would like to introduce you to our newest addition, Nelda Lazo. She is currently teaching at Pierce College, and will be teaching at VSC on T/Th evenings. Nelda is from El Salvador and has traveled to several Spanish-speaking countries! She is an advocate for social justice, and frequently attends workshops on the matter. Please help her feel welcome!





I absolutely loved this class, especially when we were forbidden to speak in English, only español. -Arshana J. 

We love your energy and how you teach about Hispanic culture. -Julie C.

You are the best teacher in the world. When I'm in other classes I think, "I want to be in Srta Amanda's class!" -Colin O. 


Your creative curriculum and enthusiasm for Spanish definitely pushes your students to improve their language skills. -Ruchi S.


I think the whole world should know about you because you are great. -Nate


H.Your class is the best part of my day. -Molly S. (student)