I like it that you only speak Spanish in class. It really has helped! -Darrell P.


You are truly a wonderful teacher. I like how you act things out and keep us responsible for material from the first class. -Molly S.



Your class is excellent, thank you! -Angela M.

Spanish Center

Crash course in Spanish!


Do you have an upcoming trip to a Spanish-speaking country and need to learn Spanish fast? Then this "crash course" workshop is perfect for you! In 2 hours, learn the basics you'll need to have a basic conversation, describe the weather, order in a restaurant, ask for directions and getting around, buying things, and basic verb conjugation. Max. 12 people.


Next workshop: Saturday 12/2



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(Minimum of 6 students needed; if min not met, you will be notified and a credit can be held until the next offering, or a refund can be given.)


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Travel tip workshops: Mexico and Spain


Will you be visiting Mexico or Spain and would like to ask an expert questions like: Where should I visit? What is the most affordable way to travel between cities? What are average food costs? When is the best time of year to go? VSC owner and instructor, Amanda Reichert, is the person to ask. She has lived and traveled extensively in both countries and can give you an inside look to make your trip priceless! Travel like a local instead of a tourist with her suggestions.


Next workshops:


Travel tips: Spain- TBD. Please email if interested.


Travel tips: Mexico-TBD. Please email if interested.


Upon registration, you will receive an email within 24-48 hours containing pertinent  information.

Traveling abroad but stressed about planning? Let us help you! We can answer questions and offer tips, or take care of booking hotels, arranging transportation between stops, and more! Email to schedule your session.


In all classes you will practice the 4 language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. You will also sing a song in Spanish and have some conversation practice time.


Spanish 101: No experienced required. Introduction to the Spanish language. Will learn present tense conjugation, definite/indefinite articles, adjective agreement, question words, describing people, expressing likes, prices of things, lots of vocabulary and more.


Spanish 102: Prerequisite Spanish 101 or prior experience. Continuation of 101. Will learn to conjugate some irregular verbs in the present tense. Topics covered are ordering in a restaurant, talking about continuous activities, where things are, giving and getting directions, animals and more vocabulary.


Spanish 103: Prerequisite Spanish 102 or prior experience. Continuation of Spanish 102. Will be introduced to some forms of past tense and more present tense irregular verbs. Emphasis on conversation. Topics covered are direct objects, passive voice, commands, adjectives, por/para and expressing dislikes. 


Spanish 201: More exposure to past tense, including some irregulars. Topics covered are expressing illnesses, negative commands, demonstrative adjectives (this/these), conditional tense, house/furniture, possessive adjetives, expressions with ‘tener,' frequency, body parts, comparing things, reflexive verbs and negation. Emphasis on speaking.


Spanish 202: In this class we delve in to the world of past tense (imperfect and preterit), read a novel in Spanish, practice some future forms, idiomatic expressions, present perfect (I have been), learn about indirect objects, diminutive/superlative uses, usted(es) commands, rules of accentuation and possessive adjectives. Emphasis on reading.


Spanish 203: Continuing practice of present perfect, introduction of future and subjunctive tenses, as well as prefixes & suffixes. There will be a lot of vocabulary presented, and an emphasis on listening skills.


Spanish 301: Review of all tenses covered so far, present, past, future, pres. perfect, pres. progressive, conditional, subjunctive, and imperative. Emphasis on reading and verb tenses; we will read a novel, watch a Spanish series, write an essay, and practice presenting. Cultures covered: Guinea Equatorial, Spain & The Caribbean. New material: comparisons, pluscuamperfecto.


Spanish 302: Emphasis on speaking and comprehension; we will play games to practice, have debates, watch a telenovela and explore Mexican & Central American culture.


Spanish 303: We will return to Sudamérica, and practice verb tenses with 'haber', read a novel and write a few essays, present about a country and more.


 In order to make sure you are in the right level, please read the placement questions here.





Having a culminating trip at the end of a language learning goal is a great way to keep yourself motivated and committed. Knowing that you will have a need for your skills at the end of a period of time creates a healthy pressure and reminds you to study, or else you might not be able to order that margarita or find the store you're looking for!
VSC offers trips! Visit our travel page for more info.



Do you wonder why kids easily pick up language, and why adults struggle at learning? There actually is an important reason, that doesn't include age. Kids are used to absorbing information, and when it comes to language, they don't worry about understanding every word. Adults, however, want to know exactly what they are hearing, and therefore get caught up on words they don't know, which creates stress and anxiety.


The immersion method is the most natural and successful there is for learning languages. The key though for adults is to allow yourself to absorb, and not worry about understanding 100% of the time!



 CURRENT STUDENTS: Please note, if you have missed 3 classes or more, you will likely need to re-take your current course, unless you make up the classes with private lessons, or receive prior authorization. Please email if unsure.


NEW STUDENTS: Please do not register for 102 or above until taking the placement test and scheduling a phone assessment. Placement tests are not needed for 101.



PAYPAL FEE: Please note: a 3% fee is applied for using paypal/credit cards. If you prefer to pay by check ($250) you may send payment to the address below (current students may bring to class), however your class spot isn't reserved until payment is received. Please make sure to schedule your assessment first.


Vámonos Spanish Center

4504 Bagley Ave. N #A

Seattle, WA 98103



 WINTER 2018 (Jan 2 - Apr 2, 2018)    



Current students: if unsure which course to register for, please check with Amanda. Note: if the level you sign up

for is not appropriate based on my assessment, I will contact you privately. Gracias! 


NEW students: you will need to be placed before enrolling for 102 or above. Please visit the placement page. Gracias!


Classes begin the week of 1/1  and end the week of 4/2. (No class 2/12-24 for mid-Winter break) For more information on dates of courses, please visit the calendar tab.


Please note, classes meet once a week for 75 minutes. Courses are $250 for 15 hours of instruction, 12 weeks long. Curriculum and notebook are provided. A minimum of 6 students needed, max 12 (first come, first served). If minimum isn't reached, you will be refunded or we can hold your tuition for the next quarter. 





REGISTRATION CLOSED; will re-open 12/21-24 to fill spots that are left.

Email address:
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